I'm so glad I crossed upon this DIY idea of making your own custom framed chalkboard. It was so
simple to make. All you need is a vintage frame (I got mine at a local thrift), chalkboard paint, steel wool 
and paint rollers. Once you have all the materials, all you have left to do is evenly paint the surface of the
 frame with however many coats you're satisfied with. I decided to do three coats just so it won't be too
 thick. After the paint is dry, take your steel wool and lightly sand it. This is a cute way to write down
 inspirational quotes, to do lists, reminders, etc and it looks great for your home decorations! 

Oh and here's a quick outfit of the day as well. Summer is nearly coming to an end, but man I'm so 
excited for the upcoming fall trends. What I have on here are botanical floral shorts from the thrift that cost 
less than a dollar and I paired it with a very simple black shirt I found in my mom's closet! 

Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you guys soon xx.

PS: Happy 20th Birthday Niall Horan, ilysm 


  1. You are literally too perfect <3 And if you wouldn't mind me asking, how did you get the little Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram icons on your sidebar??

    1. Thanks Amy! They're images I saved from other bloggers, heh. Feel free to download the images! And I basically edited them using HTML/JavaScript and added all the links and codings :)

    2. You're welcome ;) And thank you, thank you! Sorry, one last question, but how do you get the separate "About Me" section on the top? I've been wanting to do that but I never knew how.

    3. No problem! Okay so on the blogger homepage (the left-hand side with all the links) click on 'pages'. On that page, there's a drop down tab that says New Page, click that and open it as blank page. Everything else should be self-explanatory!

      You can text me if you have anymore questions! I'm gonna get offline, haha. This is enough internet for me for the day.

  2. This was such a little cute post! Love your blog. I am definitely gonna follow. You could check mine out if you want, but I haven't been doing a lot of postings because I'm in the process of literally redoing my whole closet. I'd appreciate a follow back though. Good things will come! I promise. :]

    Raven Rosie

  3. Hi sweetie!
    Thank you for your comment!
    You look amazing!!!
    Kisses from Germany- Anna